Magazine as artistic artefact

I can’t count the number of times people throw my career path under woeful haste because of the common misapprehension of ‘dying’ print. I am challenged all too constantly about the future of journalism because of the misconception about technology, where the masses believe its destroying print media - what many don't understand is that technology is actually amplifying the artistic value of its printed counterparts. But, I guess it is these kind of misconceptions that are a further solidification of where i am going; a further fortification of my passion for magazines and the written word, in print AND in digital media.

What many may not understand is that in contemporary culture, print and digital media are not diametrically opposed but rather innovatively intertwined to work with one another for optimum impact upon, ultimately, a very gratuitous readership. You can see this all to well in market leader magazines like VOGUE and DAZED who over time have not only grown their readership, but have sustained it in the face of technology.I think we can attribute this sustainability to an implemented editorial shift in focus whereby timely content is left to the consumable nature of the world wide web and magazines are left with classic, rich and timeless content that can be read at anytime and still relate to the reader.

With a digital first approach to news, magazines have now become culturally rich artefacts; ones that centre on capturing the essence of a particular era, rather than content dominated by timeliness. My most valued magazine is one that really champions artistic value in print. DAZED magazine has responded to the rise in technology with the creation of DAZED digital. To run the two in a harmonious manner, DAZED editor Tim Noakes has made effective changes to DAZED in print which adhere to its value as an artefact. He got rid of story teasers from the cover, ensuing the publication’s timeless content and stripped it down to being a bi-monthly publication.

The diminished ‘news first’ approach of many magazines has amplified the value of printed magazines as collectable, nostalgic and overall artistic time capsules that tie readers to the media outlet as a whole, rather than just its content. In my eyes, this sort of shift now raises the value of printed magazine material to that of a novel; something we keep dear forever.

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