An homage

Thank you for my crazy curls; for the way I know the tap-dance of your heels down the hallway and for the way I say sorry. Thank you for the permanent etching of your lips on my forehead and for making sure I can welcome the sun each morning and kiss the moon each night. Thank you for blueberry waffles at Disneyland; for Mortadella on the side of the road in Florence and for nectarines on the village steps in Greece. Thank you for George Michael in the living room when I was three; for my 30% savings and for my heart that knows no end. Thank you for the depths of my brown eyes; for my sporadic birthmarks and for birthing me on a cusp. But most of all - thank you to your soul for choosing mine and for allowing our spirits to be forever intertwined.

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© 2020 by Alexandra Manatakis