Womens March, Melbourne 2017

International Women's Day yesterday spoke to so many parts of my soul, but in particularly to an acknowledgement that being a woman comes in a multitude of forms. On the streets of Melbourne, women from hundreds of different backgrounds joined forces to peacefully rally against a government and parts of society who fail basic human decency in the opposition of ALL females as unequal to men. The energy was palpable as we halted the city's main arteries for two hours.

From many points of education and empowerment in public forums, open spaces or private conversations with friends, I learnt a lot yesterday about the existence of feminism for many types of women. I learnt how no two experiences are the same and thus no set of language or advocacy is a set parameter for the ever changing nature of feminism, and that these two facets should be all inclusive with an aim to make sure we are forever progressing to include all forms of women. For learning this, I am super grateful.

I learnt that being a woman is far too precious to try and encapsulate in any form. It's the differentiation yet the binding force between us all. It's the celebration of sisterhood, female alliance and the empowerment we all bring each other daily. It's the bringing each other up and never letting one another down. It's the fearless and relentless revolt against slut shaming, body shaming, cat calling, unequal pay, the professional 'boys' club and any form of societal judgement that denigrates the existence of women in all forms. Its the understanding and embrace of the female spectrum as extensive, diverse and existent in a multitude of forms. It's the acknowledgement that we all have a duty in empowering one another and an acceptance to never cease doing so. It is loving every aspect of the raw and beautiful female form. It's is the beauty of female strength. It is teaching one another how to love with open arms and to self-love with open hearts. It is the coming together to take a stand for women around the world suffering at the hands of discrimination and it's for the future of global gender equality. It's a celebration of all of us as boldly different in our attributes and individualism, yet beautifully equal in every other way. It's the commitment to fighting for equality in all forms.

Read my latest article on the Womens Rally live on i-D now: https://i-d.vice.com/en_au/article/what-did-international-womens-day-really-mean-to-australians

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